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My name is Torstein J. F. Strømme. I am a Research Fellow/PhD candidate within theoretical computer science in the algorithms group, focusing on parameterized algorithms and complexity under the supervision of Fedor V. Fomin. I am involved in the competitive programming scene in Norway as a board member of the Norwegian Olympiad in Informatics and as the organiser of programming contests in Bergen for the past few years. I also enjoy playing board games, uphill hiking, and playing guitar. I'm a supporting member of the politcal party Senterpartiet, and I'm an occational podrishoner at Woodland Hills Church. Happily married to the finest girl I could ever imagine, with whom I have two lovely sons.

Please feel welcome to message me if you are interested in what I am doing.

In the news:
Interested in competitive programming? Check out contest.ii.uib.no for upcoming contests at UiB. You may also be interested in my list of solved Kattis problems annotated with keywords.


Resources related to my teaching activities.

University of Bergen
Spring 2019 INF237 Algorithms Engineering
Course DescriptionCourse Pages (mitt.uib)Course Judge (Kattis)
Teaching Assistant
Fall 2018 INF102 Algorithms, Data Structures and Programming
Course DescriptionCourse Pages (mitt.uib)Course Judge (Kattis)

INF219/INF319 Project in Competitive Programming
Bergen Open 2018
Spring 2018 INF237 Algorithms Engineering
Course DescriptionCourse Pages (mitt.uib)Course Judge (Kattis)Google Hash Code at UiB
Fall 2017 Competitive Programming Training Sessions
NCPC 2017 at UiB (article no) • NWERC 2017 (article no/en) • Kattis
Spring 2017 INF237 Algorithms Engineering
Course DescriptionCourse Judge (Kattis)Google Hash Code (news article)

Baltic Olympiad in Informatics 2017
nio.noboi2017.orgtasksfinal standings • unofficial results: day 1, day 2
Teaching Assistant
Fall 2016 Competitive Programming Training Sessions
NCPC 2016 at UiBNWERC 2016Kattischeat sheet
Spring 2016 INF101 Program Development Methodologies
Course DescriptionCourse Website
Teaching Assistant
Fall 2015 INF109 Computer Programming for Science
Course DescriptionTekna Crash Course Problem Set
Group leader
Spring 2015 INF237 Algorithms Engineering
Course DescriptionCourse Website
Group leader
Spring 2015 MNF130 Discrete Mathematics
Course Description
Group leader

Carnegie Mellon
Spring 2012 15-112 Fundamentals of Programming
Course Website
Head Course Tutor
Fall 2011 15-112 Fundamentals of Programming
Course Website
Course Assistant
Fall 2010 15-110 Principles of Computing
Course Website
Course Assistant


Please see my ORCID page for a list of all accepted peer-reviewed publications. You can also visit my page on arXiv for preprints.

PhD thesis
Exploiting graph structures for computational efficiency (pdf)

Master's thesis
Kernelization of Vertex Cover by Structural Parameters (pdf)

Bachelor's research
I was a research assistant at Intel Science and Technology Center in Embedded Computing (honors research program, Fall '12 and Spring '13) and at the SURTRACK project under the Traffic21 initiative (Spring '12) as a part of my bachelor's degree at Carnegie Mellon. Related publications by my mentors inlude:

Related links: SURTRACK (wikipedia), Traffic21


Some other interesting projects I've been involved with worth a mention.

Project Description More
The Prince's Guide to Orchestrating Research: A Brief Introduction A humoristic essay on research ethics. The essay includes criticism of Sigmund Freud, Bayer Cropscience, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), as well as almost the entire field of medical research, just to name a few of the victims.PDF
Vibe The Vibe is a modular clothing system for real-time haptic feedback. Small vibration units sawn into clothing items such as belts and vests can be used to augment reality or enhance entertainment experiences, for instance by propagating the vibrations felt by an RC car to the person controlling it, or simulating the feeling of being shot in a first-person shooter. The project was made for the Embedded Systems Design capstone course at Carnegie Mellon University.Video
Laptop Orchestra A computer program that utilise the computer keyboard as a musical keyboard, playing custom made semi-synthetic sounds and allowing the user to change between a number of instruments. The client software communicates with a server, and allows for multiple users playing together across the network. There is also a conducting interface and a chat interface. I took part in development of the software through the Computer Music Systems and Information Processing course at Carnegie Mellon University with Audacity and Nyquist creator Roger Dannenberg. Article
Strong Studio album by artist Billy Price recorded in the studio at Carnegie Mellon University as one of my projects for Multitrack Recording with Riccardo Schulz. Released on DixieFrog Records in May 2013. Album available for purchase at Amazon and iTunes.Amazon
Why we work Song by artist Kwadwo Som-Pimpong for which I was recording sound engineer and mixing engineer.Video
Dance in NYC Video made to commemorate the greatness of New York City.Video
Pjeff Video about the CMU hug dog. I made this to impress my then soon-to-be-girlfriend, now wife, Maria.Video

Some personal music projects are also available on my Soundcloud profile.

Curriculum Vitae

Time Education
2015 - 2020 PhD, Computer Science University of Bergen
2013 - 2015 MS, Computer Science University of Bergen
2009 - 2013 BS, Electrical and Computer Engineering Carnegie Mellon University
2004 - 2008 High School, Electronics and General Studies (TAF) Knarvik Vidaregåande Skule

Work Experience
2013 - 2015 Systems Engineer ABB
2010 - 2012
(summers only)
Maintenance Management Engineer Bybanen AS
(Bergen Light Rail)
2008 - 2009 Signalman Norwegian Army
2004 - 2008 Apprentice (Electronics Manufactering) Roxar Flow Measurement
(later aquired by Emerson Electric)

For a full resumé, please visit my LinkedIn profile.
PDF's are also available here (Norwegian 02/2015, English 08/2018).

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